Cat Fence Rollers by Oscillot

Cat proof fence roller

Say hello to Oscillot®,
the unique cat fence spinning paddle system...

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Available in easy DIY Cat-Proof Fence Kits & suitable for most fence types, Oscillot® is the simple fence cat-proofing solution for keeping your cat safely contained to your yard.

How does Oscillot® keep cats safe?

Cats can typically jump at least six times their own height, which makes it easy for most cats to scale & escape the average backyard fence. Cats use a jump-grab-climb action to scale fences... Oscillot® is designed to safely & effectively counteract this technique by preventing the 'grab'. 


Oscillot® consists of a series of four-bladed aluminium paddles, which are mounted along fence lines between post kits containing bearings. When a cat tries to jump & scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins; the cat cannot get traction & falls safely back to the ground. Once Oscillot® is installed, the inability for the cat to gain any leverage on top of the fence means escaping over the fence is no longer an option. 

No cages. No nets. No wires. So what is Oscillot®?

Oscillot® is fast-becoming the first choice for cat owners in Australia, & across the world, because there are no wires, no cages & no netting, it is cat friendly, unobtrusive & can turn most fences into a cat proof fence within just a few hours.


With most yards, installing Oscillot® alone results in successful cat containment. Keeping in mind, if there are trees, or other ladders or platforms next to the fence, these may need to be 'cat-proofed' also so they cannot be used to aid in an escape. For Oscillot® to be most effective, the cat needs to be jumping from the ground to the top of the fence in a single motion with no help or anything to climb on the way up!

Which fence types are suitable for Oscillot®?

Oscillot® is perfectly suited to metal and chain-link fences. The cat fence rollers can also be installed onto other types of fence including Colorbond, Post & Rail, Timber/ Wooden, Masonry, Vinyl, Super 6 and Composite Fencing.


For Oscillot® cat-proof fence kits to be most effective, we recommend that it is installed to fences with a minimum height of 6 feet. This recommendation is made because this is the height at which the system has been tested & proven to be effective. For fence heights lower than 6 feet, the concern is that a cat could scale up the fence whilst still maintaining enough composure & steady momentum to place a paw under or over the top of the Paddles & get enough of a grip on the fence to scurry over.

Cat fence rollers for metal fence by Oscillot

A metal fence effectively cat-proofed with Oscillot®

Wooden fence cat fence rollers by Oscillot

A timber fence effectively cat-proofed with Oscillot®

How is Oscillot® installed?

Oscillot® is available in easy DIY Cat-Proof Fence Kits. Our Kits include of all of the components necessary for a typical installation for the relevant meterage of the Kit. The installation process only requires the use of a few tools & a few hours of your time. You can read more about installation by clicking here.

If you're not sure how to work out your requirements, or have any questions at all, please contact us & we'd be more than happy to work out what you will need to complete an Oscillot® installation for your property.