Cat Fence Calculator

Need help calculating how many paddles and post kits your cat fence installation requires? Simply enter the length of your fence sections and the app will make estimations on your behalf. Make sure to read our instructions on how to properly measure your yard.

*DISCLAIMER: All calculations are estimates and should be used for reference only. We do not take responsibility for any inconsistencies.

1. Select your unit of measurement ( inches/feet/cm/mm )
2. Add length of your first section into the Section Length field
3. Click on the Plus "+" button to add the next section
4. Finish adding all sections from your measurements
5. You are done! You will see the minimum quantities of paddles and post kits required to complete
your installation. You can view and print the result of your calculation.

Total Fence Length in the unit of measurement you selected: -> Check yourself - all your sections will add together to this number.

Combined Paddle Length in the unit of measurement you selected: This number will always be higher than your Total Fence Length. You will likely be cutting paddles and will end up with a few leftovers.

Section Length
Total Paddles: -
Total Post Kits: -
Total Fence Length: -
Calculated Paddle Length: -
Inches per section Full Paddles Extra Space Extra Paddle Extra Paddle (inches) Extra Paddle (cm) Post Kits
- - - -
- - - -
Want a kit instead?

We have put together kits for common fence lengths. You can check them out below.

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