Oscillot® mounted around the perimeter of your yard can only be effective at containing your cats if you have identified and corrected by other means, any gaps that cats may use to escape your yard. Your cats may also be using outbuildings, trees or house roofs to exit your yard. Make sure your cats cannot dig/crawl under fences or barriers. Block off any spaces between fences and buildings where your cat may squeeze through. Remove items such as garbage bins, building materials, barbecues etc. near the fence line that may assist your cat to scale fences, walls or barriers. You should remove shrubbery, bushes and trees and tree branches near fences that your cat may use to escape. Install tree guards around trunks of trees with branches that overhang fences and buildings.

Additional cat proofing of the fence itself can be required when installing on some fence types, especially timber. This is due to the 'climbability' aspect, where cats can sink their claws into the timber whilst scaling the fence- giving them the leverage required to scale with enough speed and power to get over the installed Oscillot®. 

If you are not sure about the suitability of your fence/ yard, you can always contact us with a description or photos and we'd be more than happy to offer more specific advice about your situation.

But don't worry... Oscillot® can certainly still be the solution to keeping your cat safely at home! If you find that kitty is managing to scramble up your timber fence and over, even after installing Oscillot®, you can install a sheet of polycarbonate below the Paddles, about 15 inches wide should do the trick. This will prevent the cat from being able to get any traction near the top of the fence, preventing the scrambling over and, in conjunction with Oscillot®, making your fence cat proof. 

The minimum recommended fence height for installation of Oscillot® is 6 feet. If your fence doesn't meet this height requirement, and replacing the fence isn't an option, you can consider increasing the height with rigid polycarbonate sheeting. We recommend using 4.5mm thick UV treated polycarbonate.

Check out some photos of additional cat fence proofing measures from our customers...

Oscillot cat fence containment solution and tree guards for additional cat proofing
Oscillot cat fence containment solution with additional polycarbonate strip
Oscillot cat fence height extension with polycarbonate

*Due to their genetics and extreme agility, the Bengal breed of cat may require extra cat-proofing measures, contact us if you would like to discuss cat proofing your yard for your Bengal cat.

Check out our How To Measure Your Yard guide or go back and watch our Installation video with detailed instructions.