Home with your cat? 7 fun activities for the pandemic

Cat looking at a pie

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

2021 is here. While there’s a lot of hope on the horizon for more social times ahead, for now, we’re staying home. Lucky enough to be at home with your cat? You’re in for a treat. We’ve put together a list of 7 fun pandemic-safe activities you can enjoy together.


Plan a movie marathon

Lockdown is the perfect excuse to watch movies all day.

Pop some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket, pick a few Netflix favorites and curl up on the couch with your purring pet. What could be better?



Plan a movie marathon - Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Invite your cat to Zoom events

Your cat is hereby invited to all 2021 social and business events.

“Wait, what? It’s okay to invite my cat to the company AGM?” I mean, we don’t specifically encourage it, but it’s probably going to happen anyway.

The pandemic has opened a window into the home lives of our co-workers. It’s reminded us that behind our polished business facades, we’re all human. So yes, expect your cat to show up to your Monday morning meeting, your company townhall, or your annual performance review (it might just lighten the mood!)




Invite your cat to zoom events - Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

What about social events? Virtual birthday parties, family reunions?



Your cat is definitely invited. Here’s a sweet idea: the next time you and your friends get together for a virtual reunion, ask everyone involved to bring their pets. You’ll have a blast and you’ll also get a chance to take the cutest group screenshot.


Start the day with yoga

Grab a mat and grab your cat. Nothing beats a rejuvenating yoga session, and it will be even better with your feline purring in approval as you complete your Sun Salutations. 


Start the day with yoga - Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

When it comes to the top yoga pose to try with your cat, it’s definitely Marjaryasana (that’s Sanskrit for Cat Pose). It doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a yoga pose modelled after cats. They’re zen, graceful, and they make the perfect yoga partners. 


Organize a bird-watching session

Have you thought about sharing your cat’s natural hobby? 


Organize a bird-watching session - Photo by: Sarah Pflug from Burst

Bird-watching is a fantastic way to spend time at home with your cat. Hang some seeds outside your window and see which birds grace you with their presence. Your cat will be entranced by their new flying friends. It’s the perfect way for the two of you to bond. 


Take a nap or two

Cats are expert sleepers and, needless to say, they mastered the art of napping well before the pandemic. Now that we’re all spending weeks, sometimes months, at home, we have a lot to learn from their natural sleeping habits. 


take a nap or two - Photo by Александар Цветановић from Pexels

Taking a nap side-by-side with your feline can be the perfect way to unwind after a day of working from home. Better yet, curl up by the fire together and enjoy an evening of pure relaxation.


You can learn more about your cat’s sleep patterns, by clicking below 


Whip up a fancy dinner

Cooking has come out on top as one of the most enjoyable pandemic-friendly activities. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your partner, or for the whole family, remember that your cat deserves a nice dinner too. Pamper them with a gourmet vet-approved meal, followed by a few cat treats for dessert. They’ll be grateful for the attention. 

Whip up a fancy dinner - Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Think you’ll still be home with your cat this spring? Get your backyard ready!

Spring will be here before you know it, which means your cat can soon look forward to backyard playtime. Exercise is critical for feline health and happiness, and your backyard can be the perfect setting. If your cat is an indoor cat and you’re worried about their safety, give some thought to cat-proofing your yard. Your mind will be at ease while your cat plays to their heart’s delight.


To learn more about your backyard cat-proofing options, click below


Have you heard about cat-proof fence kits? These kits include a spinning paddle system for DIY installation, keeping your cat safe and contained. In a nutshell, you can cat-proof your yard. This may sound like a gift for you, but if it means more outdoor playtime, your cat will be thrilled!


cat proof fence kit

Wishing you and your cat a safe, healthy and happy winter.


— Your friends at Oscillot®



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