Coyote Rollers and Cats - What You Need to Know

coyote rollers and cat containment

Containing cats and other animals is a common problem around the globe. Ever since people began keeping cats, fencing a private backyard or a garden became a necessity. Nowadays, humans and their cats are better friends than ever before. Keeping cats safe and healthy has become one of the top priorities in a modern household.

Today there are a few options of cat-proofing a backyard fence, and here are some to compare:

Cat Fencing for a Modern Household

Working and studying remotely has become a new trend in the past few years. These days we tend to spend most of the time at home and appreciate the way our home looks more than ever before. It is a common opinion that putting up a net on your fence can badly ruin the aesthetics of your backyard.

Cat Fence System by Oscillot on a Wooden Fence

Oscillot cat fence containment system has proven to be the first choice for pet owners who want to keep their yard beautiful. There are no wires, no cages, no nets, and no electric currents. You can either choose a color that will match your fence and make the fence rollers completely unnoticeable, or you can color-coordinate to improve your yard’s design!

Furthermore, nets can rip easily, get clogged with leaves, or worse yet – get birds, squirrels and other adventurous fence climbers trapped and injured.

Oscillot is unobtrusive and quiet. It is visually low-key, does not spin in the wind and does not require electricity or regular maintenance. Additionally, cat fence rollers are safe for cats & wildlife – it is designed so that little paws don't get caught or injured in the components.

Other Cat Fence Systems Compared

Unlike other cat fence systems using netting or rollers, cat fence system by Oscillot is made of rust-free metals like aluminum and stainless, while bearings and connectors are made of high-quality plastic.

Some solutions like coyote rollers offer an uncoated or naked aluminum option. However, naked metals tend to oxidate and will change colour over time. Also, they have less resistance to salt water corrosion if you live near the ocean.

All Oscillot rollers are powder coated link. Unlike regular paint, this coating is extremely durable, weather resistant and will ensure that your fence always looks great. Cat fence rollers are easy to cut to size and have proven to work seamlessly over the years. You can move to your new house and take the system with you, because it will last you a lifetime.

Cat Fence Paddle

Some cat fence topper companies advertise their spinners to contain both dogs and cats inside a yard, and keep other animals like coyotes out. However, can we contain all types of animals the same way? What is the best fence topper to contain a cat in particular? Since different animals have different climbing techniques, trying to accommodate for all of them is a recipe for disaster.

Cats have a completely different jumping and climbing behavior in comparison to other animals. Dogs and coyotes, for example, jump with momentum to the top of the fence in hope of throwing over their front paws. Once at the top of fence, they use rear legs to get over the fence. Cats, on the other hand, can climb the fence to the top using their claws. As a result, it is important t make sure that the cat cannot lean on the roller and reach over. Unlike other spinners, Oscillot has a unique 4-bladed X-shaped design that prevents a cat from leaning on the roller in the first place while providing an illusion that the cat can grab the paddle instead.

In comparison to other fence toppers, Oscillot has been designed with only cats in mind. While it can certainly deter other animals from getting over your fence, it has been extensively tested and proven to be effective to safely contain cats in a fenced yard.

Oscillot® is also the only cat-proof fence containment system endorsed by Nature Canada, Animal Welfare League of Australia, and the Animal Welfare League of Queenlsand.

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